The Story of Everything: An Oral Narrative, Part I.
by Betsy Pool

Betsy has researched and worked for many years to assemble a profound and fascinating narrative spanning millions of years. The purpose of this remarkable story, brought to life by beautiful images, is to inspire everyone towards new ways of thinking about who we are, and what the purpose of humanity is. Betsy has researched Damanhur’s archives for more than a decade and interviewed many Damanhurians. Her interpretation has deep roots in Damanhur’s worldview and in Falco’s own storytelling.

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About the film production team:

Betsy Pool Producer, Writer, Director and Narrator invites you into the StoryRoom, located in the heart of Damanhur, renowned spiritual eco-community, in Northern Italy. Damanhur is known for the construction of the globally celebrated Temples of Humankind. Betsy is an initiate in the Damanhurian spiritual school, founded by Falco Tarassaco. She and her family were the first American family in Damanhur. With an extensive production background in theatre, film and television, Betsy became the Head of Integrated Media Strategy for Damanhur shortly after arriving there in 2009. During her work with the community, she discovered within Damanhur’s esoteric archive a cohesive ancient history of humanity, that is not reflected in the history books. This story was fragmented throughout the archive. Betsy’s mission was to reassemble this history into a mythological narrative that could be shared with the world. The physical StoryRoom was constructed and this narrative was painstakingly pieced together from 40 years of Falco’s teachings and interviews with Damanhurians with whom he had entrusted parts of the story.

Edgar Bültemeyer Co-Producer, DP, Editor, Post and Visual Effects In 2015, Edgar joined Betsy on the quest to bring this mythology to the world. As a renaissance media creator Edgar brought the skillset to support the transition of the narrative from physical StoryRoom to film.

The Institute for the Mythology of Humanity Founded by Edgar Bültemeyer and Betsy Pool The mission of the institute is the return of the core mythology of Earth to the consciousness of mankind as rapidly as possible.

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