• 4 Sessions

    Channeled Joyful Inner Journeys

    These deeply restoring guided journeys are unlike any meditation you have experienced before. The Selfic intelligences channeled by Esperide open an expanded, loving and very safe field of perception, built on a transmission of healing energy. As your body rejuvenates and rests, you will be literally “training” your sensitivity, learning to expand more and more your perception of what is real. Your physical senses learn to finetune to those of your soul. Your body learns to distill substances that will take you on journeys that can often be compared to the deep opening reached through plant medicine. Here, all you need is your breathing, your willingness to play and be amazed.
  • 1 Session

    Free your energy body!

    Did you ever feel like you have wings on your back? Or maybe a powerful and playful tail? Or even a luminous sphere sitting on your head? Indeed, your energy body is not just made up of your aura or your chakras. It has subtle “limbs”, that are a gift of your divine matrix. In these guided movement meditations, Esperide is accompanied by experienced dancers or yoga teachers: together they will inspire you to move your body and perceive the magic of your energy, in a completely new and empowering way.